Head Tail Game Trust Paid Instantly
How to play Perfect Money Head Tail Game Work
  • Guess Head or Tail.
  • Place your bet via our online payment processing software.
  • If you guess correctly you win double the amount you bet.
  • The winnings are instantly paid to your e-currency account!.

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Affiliate Program - 15% Referral Commission
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Recent Bets
Guess Bet Result Win
Head $2 Lose 0
Head $0.1 Win $0.2
Head $1 Lose 0
Head $0.1 Lose 0
Head $0.1 Lose 0
Head $0.5 Lose 0
Tail $1 Lose 0
Head $5 Lose 0
Head $0.1 Lose 0
Head $0.1 Lose 0
Head $0.1 Lose 0

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